No matter where you are in your "process", this hashtag #thisisnotyourmothersmenopause, this declaration, resonates with you. 

We are not our mothers. We are modern women - sophisticated and savvy, informed and empowered.

We are approaching (or already at or already through) menopause. 

Menopause currently carries with it pervasive negative connotations. Within the minds of us women as well as through the consciousness of societies across the globe. 

We need to change that.

If you are a woman approaching menopause or simply have something to say about it, use the hashtag #thisisnotyourmothersmenopause. And, stay tuned.

I also have much to say about it. I also have many things in the works.

This will not be your mother's menopause. It will not be my mother's menopause. It will be our menopause.

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