About: Us


And, by "us" I mean "me". Right now, phase unfazed is just me.

I am Jeanne Chung, founder of phase unfazed. I am a 49-year old woman just trying to navigate my hormonal changes as I approach menopause. I used to be an investment banker, a management consultant, yoga teacher and teacher trainer. I have an MBA and an engineering degree. But, none of that matters right now. Right now, I am just a woman approaching menopause.

I created phase unfazed products because I love herbal remedies.

I have come to embrace herbal remedies and feel there is a powerful place for them in women's wellness, especially for menopause and all the hormone-related changes we will go through.

But, like you, I am also a busy, modern woman.

As a busy woman, I want the efficacy of traditional herbs without the hassle of taking herbs as capsules, timing them with meals (or between them), or making teas or using tinctures. All our herbal remedies are based on transdermal delivery. No more capsules, teas. Easy to use, easy to carry with you, effective, efficient. Transdermal: it's the way forward :-)

As a modern woman, I want to de-hippie-fy herbal remedies. Just like yoga got de-hippie-fied.   Remember 15 years ago when yoga was just for barefoot hippies? Now, literally, everyone knows about it and lots and lots of people do it. It's totally mainstream and feels modern somehow. Herbal remedies will go mainstream, too.  phase unfazed products are part of that shift.

The phase unfazed tagline says it all, really: traditional therapies for modern women.

Traditional therapies captured in a sophisticated, elegant, convenient package perfectly aligned with us sophisticated, elegant, busy, modern women.