PERIMENOPAUSE: Vitex (1 bottle)

PERIMENOPAUSE: Vitex (1 bottle)

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Vitex (also known as Chasteberry) (Latin: V. agnus-castus) is derived from the berry from the Chaste Tree which is native to the Mediterranean. It is available in capsules, as a tincture, and as an essential oil. You can also buy the dried berries themselves. It's a shrub-type tree with lovely purple flowers.


Vitex (or Chasteberry) has been used traditionally to promote hormonal balance in women and can have particular benefit for women pre-menopause. But it may have the opposite effect on men: there are stories that it was used at monasteries to keep the monks' libidos in check (hence the name "chaste" berry and monk's pepper)!


Women experience hormonal changes as they approach menopause. The changes manifest differently in different women but often include changes in menstrual and PMS symptoms - irregular cycle or bleeding, increased cramping, mood swings, insomnia, mini hot flashes, etc. You will have your own version of these changes. And, you've probably noticed some of these changes which are causing you discomfort. 

Vitex will help restore balance. It won't stop the change overall but will help smooth out the transition. The cool thing is that you and I may both use it for different issues, it may work on us in different ways, but we will find our own balance point. What I found personally was that the "changes" were less extreme (pain decreased and mood stabilized) and I just felt better.  Read about my journey with Vitex here.

Vitex is known to stimulate pituitary gland function which helps balance the production of follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) and luteinizing hormone (LH) which, in turn, effect the production of estrogen and progesterone, respectively. It is not a hormone replacement but a means to facilitate the right balance for your own body.


:: Single-oil blend: Our Vitex Therapy is a single blend oil-based therapy designed to be used on the skin.  Not a "menopause remedy blend" with so many ingredients that you don't know what's doing what. Just Vitex. Might be all you need.

:: Transdermal: Topical usage is highly effective, efficient and so much easier to use. No more capsules, tinctures or teas. Topical usage delivers active ingredient quickly to your bloodstream - which is where you want it. And you can use less. A little goes a long way.

:: Easy to use. Our elegant roller is easy to bring with you - chuck it in your bag, put it by your beside - so you can use it regularly. Any time, any place.

:: Easy tracking. The beautiful dots along the length of your roller are there to help track usage. There are 28 marks total with longer marks every 7 - making 28 days and 4 weeks.  There is no need to track every day but after 2-3 days, check you’re using enough.

:: One month supply. Each 10 ml bottle has 30 drops of Vitex essential oil. Each drop equals one daily dose. 

:: This is medicine. This is not perfume. Think of this as medicine. In a bottle. Think every time you roll it on: this is taking the place of capsules I'd be taking instead. 


Use daily, e.g., every night, before bed. Roll a generous amount (enough to be “slick”) on one of your wrist pulse points (or on the arches of your feet. Talk about self-care!). Rub gently together until the oil is mostly absorbed. Our logo is a good gauge for the surface area to cover :-) 


Remember, this is medicine. But not like aspirin you take for a headache and for a short duration (i.e., only when you have the headache). Hormones are different. They are cycling all the time. They are part of an elegant and complex bodily system (the endocrine system) that is always working towards balance and homeostasis.  For systemic support, daily use is the way to go.


Each roller contains vitex essential oil (organic steam-distilled) and sunflower oil (organic, non-GMO, expeller-pressed, refined) in an amber glass bottle with a glass roller. That’s it!


Generally, not recommended for use if pregnant, nursing or using hormonal birth control. Topical use only. Do not ingest.