SLEEP: Valerian & Lavender (1 bottle)

SLEEP: Valerian & Lavender (1 bottle)

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Valerian is a perennial flowering plant with sweetly fragrant pink or white flowers. The root of the plant has a more pungent odor. The root is the part used in capsules, tinctures, teas and essential oils. 


Use of valerian can be traced back to ancient Greek and Roman eras. Some historic uses include treatment of insomnia and nervousness.  It is well known for its sedative and anti-anxiety properties. 


Valerian can help insomnia and mild anxiety.

Insomnia is a pervasive problem in our modern lives. So much stimulation, so many things going on, so much distraction. It is not surprising we have a hard time letting go enough to fall asleep easily. 

Using it at night before bed will help relax and take the edge of the buzzy-ness of the day. This will help you fall asleep easier. And after you find you're falling asleep more easily, you may not need to use it every night but only when you need it - stressful day or jet leg. 

For slight anxiety, try it first at night before you go to bed to see how you respond to it and to customize your dose. Then, you can gauge if it might be useful to address any mild anxiety during the day, as needed. Start with a small amount and increase only if it is tolerated and necessary.

Valerian is know to be habit forming so use it judiciously. Your health and wellbeing is multi-faceted and ever changing. This may be just one tool to help restore balance.


:: Unique blend: Our Valerian and Lavender Therapy is a blended oil-based therapy designed to be used on the skin.  We prefer single oil therapies. But, we added lavender and a bit of peppermint to this one. Valerian root on its own is very (!) earthy and aromatic, i.e., it kinda stinks. Luckily, lavender also has relating properties. And, the blend of all three smells really wonderful.

:: Transdermal: Topical usage is highly effective, efficient and so much easier to use. No more capsules, tinctures or teas. Topical usage delivers active ingredient quickly to your bloodstream - which is where you want it. And you can use less. A little goes a long way.

:: Easy to use. Our elegant roller is easy - put it by your beside - so you can use it regularly. 

:: Easy tracking. The beautiful dots along the length of your roller are there to help you track usage. There are 28 marks total with longer marks every 7 - making 28 days and 4 weeks.  Every time you use it, the level should move one dot. There is no need to track every day but over a few days, check you’re using enough.

:: Compact. Each 10 ml bottle has approximately 30 uses. 

:: This is medicine. This is not perfume. Think of this as medicine. Natural medicine. In a bottle. Think every time you roll it on: this is me taking care of myself. Naturally.


Use just before bed. Roll a generous amount (enough to be “slick”) on one of your wrist pulse points (or on the arches of your feet. Talk about self-care!). Rub gently together until the oil is mostly absorbed. Our logo is a good gauge for the surface area to cover :-) Then lay your head down and drift off to sleep.

If the sedative effect is too strong, then reduce the amount accordingly. It may take a few nights to get your correct dose.


Again, this of this as medicine, similar to aspirin that you take for a headache for a short duration. Valerian has a sedative effect and may be habit forming. Use it to help get your sleep back on track. Once you're sleeping better, there is no need to use it. Keep it for when you need it again.


Each roller contains valerian root essential oil (organic steam-distilled), lavender essential oil (organic steam-distilled), and a bit of peppermint essential oil (organic steam-distilled) and sunflower oil (organic, non-GMO, expeller-pressed, refined) in an amber glass bottle with a glass roller. That’s it!


Generally, not recommended for using if pregnant or nursing. Do not use if using other sleep aids, anti-anxiety medications, sedatives, some anti-histamines or alcohol. Topical use only. Do not ingest.