We need to fix menopause.

What I mean is not actually to “fix” menopause. It doesn’t need “fix”-ing. There is nothing wrong with it. Menopause is just a point in time that marks a fundamental hormonal change in a woman’s body. It is not the end of the world. In fact, many women would argue that it is just the beginning … of a great new adventure fostering creativity, imagination, passion and power and rooted in the wisdom (yes, wisdom!) we have garnered over our many decades of living.

 What I mean is that we need to fix the attitudes "around" menopause – even our own (women’s) attitude towards menopause. C’mon. We are better than that, aren’t we? We are modern and sophisticated, informed and decisive, passionate and empowered. This is our lives we are talking about, right? Currently, women in their 40s and 50s are expected to live over a third of their lives post-menopause. One-third! Can you imagine how amazing this third of our lives will be with all we know and all we can do?

Part of fixing our attitudes around menopause (and our own aging) relies on connecting with other women. Menopause continues to be shrouded in mystery, stigma and, frankly, ignorance. We rely on a few sources to navigate this transition: our mothers (if they are open to it), our gynecologists (who may be conventional or may be more progressive), and, let’s face it, Google searches. And, frankly, we are mostly left in the dark trying to figure out what it is all about and what we can do about it.

The only way out of the dark is to shine a light (excuse the corny cliché, please). And that light is conversation, connection and community. We need to learn from each other, share our experiences and ask each other questions. I am working on an interview series that will span a spectrum of women (40s and beyond) to share insights and experiences, ask questions, and start the conversation about modern menopause. Really! I am. And, you know what? It will be amazing. And, you will love it.  

And that’s the just starting point … stay tuned!

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