Not just another pretty scent.

We are all suckers for a lovely scent - jasmine on a summer's evening, freshly baked cookies, the ocean. And we all know, without a doubt, those scents trigger an emotional response and often a physical response.  But how powerful is it really? Can it be ever be called "medicine" and used to heal like "medicine?"

Aromatherapy has become increasingly popular. Globally, we are buy billions (literally) billions of dollars worth of essential oils! At first whiff (I couldn't help myself!), it seems so frivolous. But additional to centuries of use in folk medicine, new inroads are being made to understand the science of how aromas and scents can be used for healing. 

There is a new aromatherapy company that came out of the Cleveland Clinic called Aeroscena that has created a science-backed line of scents for specific symptoms.  If that doesn't give you enough proof that there really IS something to aromatherapy, I don't know what else to tell you. 

It reminds me of how much I was so utterly enchanted by the scent of clary sage from the very first time I came across it (read more here). I couldn't get enough.  Instinctively from a place of deep knowing, I felt it was also healing me.

Later on, doing my research, I found that in clinical studies, clary sage has shown to be anti-depressive, anti-anxiety, anti-stress. After a few uses over a few days, the depression I was experiencing gently lifted. Enough so that I was able to shift out of that sad, slow, unproductive groove I was in and return to my normal engaged and energized self.

I'm a believer. Are you?


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