I am here for you.

Consider me your friend.

You know those times when you have some questions, but not sure who to ask because it’s kinda taboo or maybe you’re not so clear about it yourself or just don’t even know where to start? Those times when you just need a friend to start chatting with, to give you some insights, to share her experiences with you. We’ve all been there.  We all need those kinds of friends 

Turns out, I am that kind of friend.

I am not an herbalist, a therapist or an actual expert in anything, TBH. What I am is a person that loves to figure shit out. And a person that loves to share what I’ve figured out to anyone who wants to hear it. If you ask my friends, they will all say that I have something to say on practically every topic !!

Think of me as that go-to girlfriend, that girlfriend who has tons of info, lots of answers and ideas and insights, who is happy to share everything she knows, and point you in a direction that may help.

Again, I am no expert! But, sistah, I am on this path with you – getting older and wiser as we navigate towards and through menopause. Maybe just a few steps ahead of you but heading the same direction.

So this is just me stopping, turning around and offering a hand.

I taught yoga for a long time. And I also trained hundreds of students to become yoga teachers. Both of those things really lit me up. Like. Really. Lit. Me. Up. When I started with whole menopause thing I wasn’t sure why I was so strongly compelled and so friggin’ excited about it. I mean, because, it’s menopause, right!?! 

Then it hit me.

This is exactly the same kinda sitch. I love talking to people about things that really matter – their bodies, their self-awareness, their wellbeing. I love helping to ignite a spark - a little light that clicks when people learn more about themselves. Moments like: “You mean, _this_ right foot?” or  “Woah, when I do this tiny movement, it changes everything” or seeing the excitement bubble up in my friends eyes when I say things like “We will age. We will go through menopause. But we are not out mothers or our grandmothers. We are modern, sophisticated and informed women. This will be different for us. It has to be. We will make it different. We will make it better.”

When I start talking to women about those things that directly and immediately and deeply impacts their own realities, the shit gets real. And it gets fun. And I love being a part of it.

Like I said, I am here to help. But I need you, too. We are in this together. Let’s figure this shit out.

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